As Jesus is the cornerstone upon which the Church is built, so are his teachings the unifying cornerstone of Christian doctrine.

How are we one

When Jesus prayed for Christian unity, did his prayer in John 17:20-26 fail? Are we possibly really one even despite the man-made walls that seem to divide us? Are we one in our practices? No. Christians worship in all different kinds of manners and customs. Are we unified in teaching about every twiggy issue of doctrine? No. Are our human institutions unified? No. But Jesus’ prayer for unity was specific about one thing. He prayed that we may be one, just as the Father is in him and he is in the Father. He prayed that we would be in Father and the Son. So far so good. All Christians who are in Christ and in the Father are unified, but we still have a way to go to experience the unity that Father and Son have between themselves.

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