As Jesus is the cornerstone upon which the Church is built, so are his teachings the unifying cornerstone of Christian doctrine.

Human Leadership Failure

Forgive for GoodHuman leadership easily disappoints. Many Christians constantly criticize and condemn political and church leaders. But that overlooks grace. Matthew 26:14-27:66 highlights two common leadership faults: weakness and hypocrisy. It’s our human condition. The Judean leadership was a group of Jews who deeply feared Roman occupation forces 2,000 years ago. They were so frightened of their own people rioting and angering the Romans that some of them used false charges, coercion and violence to avert it, crucifying Jesus. Every single one of Jesus’ disciples also abandoned him. At the cross, all human leadership in or out of the faith failed. When we are tempted to criticize political or church leaders today, maybe we ought to remember Jesus’ words about both while he hung on the cross: Father forgive them; they don’t know what they’re doing (Luke 23:34).

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