As Jesus is the cornerstone upon which the Church is built, so are his teachings the unifying cornerstone of Christian doctrine.

Persistent & Demanding Prayer

In the ancient world laws did not divide inheritances equally with a woman. Such was the injustice of the times that this often left a woman who was a widow destitute and poor. In Luke 18:1-8 we read of such a widow’s demands for justice from a recalcitrant judge. Is this how we ought to approach God in prayer, demanding and persistent? If we take the short sentences in the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father, as an example of how we ought to approach God, then the answer seems to be a resounding yes. Jesus encouraged us to make demands of God, unabashed, not holding anything back. Perhaps we think that prayer ought to be weak and pedestrian. Yet, that was not the example of the importunate widow. Her plea was persistent and demanding. Are our prayers like that?

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