As Jesus is the cornerstone upon which the Church is built, so are his teachings the unifying cornerstone of Christian doctrine.

Real National Leaders

Our real national leaders are not those in civil government. Those responsible for a nation's spiritual health are the leaders that God holds most accountable. The failure of religious leadership in Israel was so severe that Jesus did not have time for gentlemanly debate. In Matthew 23 his condemnation was blunt and severe.

Josephus records that the Pharisees were held in high esteem at this time in history, and some of them even became Christians, but the movement as a whole rejected God's Messiah and his divinity. Religious leadership had become corrupt beyond repair and it was time for change.

A nation's real leadership is among its spiritual heads. But, whenever religious leaders fall for the trap of an outward show to be seen by others, and the focus is on pious attire, when priests and pastors love the best seats, when they love public prestige and high titles, then a nation is in dire trouble. That's what Jesus said.

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