As Jesus is the cornerstone upon which the Church is built, so are his teachings the unifying cornerstone of Christian doctrine.

Thinking about Death

When my dear grandma was alive, I remember her talking often about her impending death. It seemed as if she had a morbid fascination with it and that she was often thinking about death. She was a Christian lady and it was her example that first exposed me to a living grace.

Jesus also seemed to think a lot about death. At least we see recorded often that he spoke of his impending crucifixion. Much to the chagrin of anti-semitic types I'm sure, Matthew 20:17-19 is the third record of such a conversation and the first time that he included Gentiles among those responsible for his death. He gave a pretty detailed prophecy of the cross, including being mocked, flogged and rising again the third day.

Do we think about our death? I pray that I have the opportunity that one of the patriarchs of old had, to be on my death bed, with my sons around me, and give them my last blessing. I pray that I can look back and say it is finished. I was so glad to have spent some time with my father before his death. We parted with a good relationship. Perhaps if we thought about the day of our death more often, as Christ seemed to do, we will spend more quality time doing the right things now.

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